Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Right Brain Stimulation for Kids

I have read an article regarding right brain stimulation for kids very recent. In that article, the expert advice to start giving stimulation to baby as early as 6 months. For your info, right brain is actually working more effective than the left brain with proper guidance and training. The expert give a picture whereby the kid's brain age 6 years below is like a sponge. Their brain able to adapt and absorb all type of stimulation easily during this age. In addition, the expert said that all kind of activities involving the finger's movement are best to stimulate kid's right brain. The activities for example:
  1. Playing / sculpting the clay / plasticine into easy shape of something. It can be a cat / fish / flower / house etc.
  2. Origami / folding papers into a shape of something. The easy one and we usually learn since primary school must be airplane also boat. Any type of papers can be used for this activity.
  3. Cutting papers / other materials. The example is like cutting shape of a house from old magazines / newspapers and then do collage. The activity will stimulate kid's right brain while they are cutting straight lines / curvy lines / edges / circles etc.
  4. Insert beads into thread / ribbon. Tried this to Aafreen 😊.  First, she was little angry when tried hard to do like what mommy shown but failed. Then Mr. Z continue to show her few more times and step-by-step in doing it right. After several attempts, Aafreen manage to do it right, exactly same steps like daddy shown. Bravo Aafreen! She did show her enthusiasm for the first 20 minutes before start to get bored and put the beads into her mouth 😄 Then she starts to play with gunting 😁 Boredom melanda + focus ke laut dah.. But I can affirm the article was correct about the brain of 6 years old kids like a sponge. Aafreen absorbs quick, learn quick & deliver right after 👶
  5. Drawing / coloring activity. Parent can try to draw half-shape of flower and ask their kid to continue the other half. This activity leads the kid to think the correct final images in mind before pouring it onto the drawings.
  6. Storytelling. Kids will use their imagination to create a complete short story. Parent also can try to create half-way story before ask their kid to continue create their own finishing.
  7. Riddles. Parent can put an object into a blindbox..kotak tisu pun ok 😌..and let the kid guess what is inside. Ask the kid to guess what it is, the color, the shape etc.
  8. Flash cards. The faster the cards moving, the faster kid's right brain work to capture and remember what been shown.
    Estimation for all activities to be done: 30 minutes each. Indirectly, these activities not only stimulating our kids right brain but also create a strong yet quality bonding times between mom, dad & kid.

    Common among us, the best supplement for kid's brain development is omega. Most formula milk in the market nowadays include omega as one of ingredients to cater kid's need. Aafreen somehow love Omega Guard Shaklee. She can chew the capsule while playing / busy with her whatever business. Instead of giving good food to her brain, it also helps much in preventing her from flu.

    Cry heavily when mom refuse to give her more. She wants more than 1 capsule 😏
    Aafreen + Omega Guard berpisah tiada

    Lega lepas bergelut dengan mom 👀

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