Wednesday, May 3, 2017

That Aunty Call Me Supermom

Just a story for sharing 😊 For your knowledge, my daily routine every end of business hour are like: walking fast from office to Ampang Park to get on the earliest Putra LRT to Sri Rampai Station, then grab an Uber or usual cab to fetch Aafreen at babysitters', and lastly headed home safely. At most evening my button 'rushing mode' switching on because I must not be late to fetch Aafreen by 6.30pm. I need to respect the babysitter's private hours starts 6.30pm onwards.

On one day in last April, I need to walk in to Shaklee branch at Sri Rampai due to insufficient quantity of twinpack Vivix to order online. So my button trigger 'plus plus rushing mode' on because Aafreen's before 6.30pm and Shaklee before 7.00pm..(why..why..oohh..why..) However, I'm very determined that all things surely can be done on time 👀

Upon reaching Sri Rampai station, I have already done booking an Uber to accomplish my missions that day. Luckily with Allah bless, my Uber driver was a Chinese Aunty driving Myvi. She was too kind to help sending me to all the places before heading home. She also willing to switch off temporarily her Uber Apps so that non of new trips were sending to her phone while her with me. We were having quite lengthy and meaningful conversation during the trip. That aunty being asking details of what I did for living, where is my origin, where did my husband works, how many part time jobs I grabbed and so on. Throughout the conversation, I have a feeling that she was motherly type of aunty 😍

Aafreen was freaking loud and too friendly while we were at Shaklee branch. She was offering everybody her bread (the one that she have eaten half-way 😏). Memang makin galak lah Aafreen when everybody layan her 😆. After settling my business there which took about 20-25 minutes due to ramai orang (pity that aunty who have to wait for me 😡), I was ready to heading home. That aunty still keep on smiling and sambung sembang. What surprising me was, she asked me, "How did you do all these..yes..I mean working full-time at office - part time jobs some more - Shakleeing - take care of your own daughter during nights & over the weekend without a helper?" She adding more, "You are such supermom".

I had a long smile towards her before answer it confidently, "Determination + vitamin aunty!!" My life had forced me to do many jobs at a time, so without any option I had to do it. And yes, I'm wearing cap of a full-time employee (during weekdays), a part-time worker (during night/over weekend), a wife who do the house chores myself (cook everyday, maintain house in order etc.), a mother (entertain the most clingy daughter ever) and a Muslim (who cannot neglect chore worships towards our God). I know there are people who teasing me like "You boleh lah.. muda lagi.. banyak tenaga lagi..". What they didn't know is that I force myself to get enough supply from supplements to help my energy everlasting. That is why I call Shaklee as my number 1 helper aunty!! 😊😎

My turnover point is when I often sick and had to undergo few operations years back. For me, health is a blessing from our God so we need to cherish it while we have it. Once we got sick, it will cost us a lifetime $$KachingGgg$$, boredom and sadness. Since I notice that not all vitamins be in my day-to-day meals, I choose Shaklee supplements as substitutes. After breakfast, normally I had 1 tablet of B-complex + 1 tablet of Vita-lea + 1 tablet of Vita-c Plus to stay energetic for the whole day. And before doze off, I had 2-4 tablets of Ostematrix. This is the most basic health set that I took as my helper everyday ❤

I took B-complex to gain energy, thinking capacity and also to reduce daily stress level. Vita-lea is also for energy booster because it consists of 28 essential vitamins and critical minerals for us as an adult. And Vita-c Plus for immune system, skin, eye also collagen provider.

Ostematrix widely known as calcium pill. So I took Ostematrix before go to bed because it is the best time (sleep time) when body absorbing calcium to body. I notice that waking up in the next morning will be a refreshing moment for me. No more back pain or any muscle pain.


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