Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bye Bye Semester 1

Applause~ I’ve completed my semester one of my study. Alhamdulillah. Since then, I started to write again. I can’t even imagine that my whole 5 months of studying will be terrible experiences at all. True, it took a lot of passion to balance up between job, study and personal life simultaneously. That is why most of students gave up on their study or took full time mode.

The most critical part is when I’ve to choose whether to attend a class or important weds of my good good friends. I nearly have to forgo most of important events when it comes to priority of completing study. Even, I also barely got a chance to go back hometown, spending time with family. I’ve experience left zero cents inside my wallet throughout months because of need to provide petty stuffs for my study. Gladly, I was stronger enough to get through those situations. For those who felt neglected along the process, I’m truly sorry. I can’t manage my time well between personal leisure and for my boys, my girls, my colleagues, my family and my love. Thank you for being so supportive. Hope everything will be better since herein. L.O.V.E~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hope to be The ONE

Mother & Father,
  I hope to be The ONE that u adore,
  I hope to be The ONE that u proud of,
  I hope to be The ONE that u can smile with,
  I hope to be The ONE that u bring along,
  I hope to be The ONE that u want me to BE...
  I've tried too many times but yet I couldn't get there...
  I'm truly sorry...
  Love U~

Thursday, January 20, 2011


ONLY if I knew you might fall in love with me,
  I won't further let it be,
ONLY if I think my words promising you anything,
  I won't say a thing,
 ONLY if I can predict you will love me for this deep,
  I won't let it happen,
ONLY if I expect things going to be worse,
  I won't damn let myself get closer to you,
ONLY if my apologize can sooth you,
  I will say it right now that I'm sorry for hurting you.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Terrible Moment

2011 begins with a nightmare for me after my wonderful pet, Ajan had being kidnapped by the schizoid named Shamin Hafriz Shariman and the gang. They asked for expiation money. I don't have that much of money. Please let me know if you ever see this beautiful creature. TQ.