Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beach Experience

Last labour day's holiday, we went back to Kampung at Terengganu. How we missed Kampung after few months not going back. Our main target is to bring Aafreen to the beach for second time after last visit at her age of 3 months. As far as I remembered, she was sleeping along the way during her last visit but we managed to wake her up for pictures ;-)

This was taken during her last visit to the beach

We took the road and started the journey around 10.00am on Friday morning. Yes, we applied for leaves from Friday - Wednesday for this special balik Kampung plan.

 On the way KL - Kampung. She was playing as if at home :-)

First activity upon reaching Kampung was swimming with cousins in special made pool by Atuk. Seeing her swims happily made us believe that later will be cheerful moment at the beach. Perhaps~

First time experience swims in pool with cousins

On the next day, we have decided to go to the beach in the morning. We knew that in the early morning, the waves were calmer compared in the evening. With all hope, Aafreen will love beach as much as we did.

 First time experience at the beach. Turned out, she was crying quite heavily whenever I put herself down on beach sand. Helpless mummy :-P

Not liking the feel of beach sand. Duduk atas mummy je la.. 

I think the hearsay of small babies not really enjoying moment at the beach is far beyond true :) Mummy will try again during Raya Puasa later. You will turn 1 year old dear daughter during that time. Saw the bright cutey pink swimming suit? Chosen by Z. If happen to be me alone choosing new suit for Aafreen, I would like to buy the revealing one. Baru lah sexy sikit ;-P

We were stuffed with lots of good food during days in Terengganu. We had Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, kuih, Satar, Keropok, Seafood Celup Tepung, Nasi Ayam yadaa yadaa yadaa..etc.. After spending quality time with family members in Terengganu, we head back to KL.

Stop at R&R somewhere on LPT Highway so that Aafreen can eat her lunch. This girl I tell you haa nowadays eating like main-main. It took more time for her to finish her food. Patience mummy patience...

Sleep long & well on the journey Kampung - KL

Aafreen is enjoying her time with Atuk, Nenek, Uncles, Aunties & Cousins during this recent visit. Hope to see everybody again during Raya Puasa in 2 motnhs time. Toddle~

Monday, May 9, 2016

Delivering A Surprise

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. & good day everyone...

How's everyone doing? We had great times during long holiday at Kampung last week. Will update soon the first time experience Aafreen went to beach, in her bright cutey pink swimming suit ;-) Just want to update what I've been busy with after back from Kampung besides tons of office works.

Earlier today I was delivering a birthday surprise to my friend's husband. She had requested a Ferrero Rocher bouquet + balloon + Cheese Cake Leleh to be delivered to her husband for his 29th birthday. Thanx to Z, beloved husband for helping out until today, the day of delivery.

Ferrero Rocher bouquet. The Kusudama Flower done by myself

Additional Cheese Cake Leleh requested by customer

The birthday surprise

Credit to Z for successfully delivered and snap the picture of birthday boy

Yes to anyone who did not know, I'm open to receive any order / request to deliver a special surprise to your beloved ones. Just drop and say Hi to my email: We negotiate further based on your preference and budget.