Monday, January 30, 2012

What happen to me in the early quarter of Year 2012?

  1. New work place, new challenges, specific job scope, new environment & new colleagues. Liking new job much better than previous
  2. Moved to new crib in Wangsa Maju - smaller + noisy :(
  3. Having hard times completing 2nd semester of My Master. But, officially completed end on Jan 2012 and hoping to get above 3.75 this semester. Reward: New Dell Laptop + New IPhone4S…yummy yummy :)
  4. Own Black-top-white-bottom Cat named Jayhun a.k.a ‘Jay’. Fierce but spoiled :)
  5. My Besties had lost their newborn baby.  Al-Fatihah for Shafiy
  6. Found out that my other bestie going to Brisbane soon for good. I put on determination to be joining her right after My Master completed :) Pray for me
  7. Financially, not knowing whether ready to fly to Perth in this coming May or not. Praying for financially equipped.
  8. Almost forget: My other bestie got engaged and getting married in June 2012.
  9. Booked to be BEST WOMAN at two other besties’ Wed-Day. So Yoga is the best solution to lose some more weight. Checked (√)
  10. Getting married this Year 2012?? LOL~~ to-be-decided