Thursday, September 21, 2017

Accept Challenge #my11things by The Pawsome Lion

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I apologize for a long silent treatment for this blog. I have been so busy juggling between works, family and part-time jobs. I even hardly have me-time for a while. But somehow, I was called to accept challenge by this Pawsome Lion kiddo, who was born & bred in British, Mukhtar He is such a brilliant boy by setting up this challenge “What would you do if you woke up one day and technology was gone?” - write 11 best things you would do in Tech-free World and do not forget to #my11things.
So here goes my 11 answers to this interesting question: 
  1. Focus on quality time together with my family. Hugging, kissing, singing, dancing, playing and exploring with them 😍 Be happy like Trolls
  2. Write more manuscripts using pen & paper
  3. Design and decorate my house with my own creative ideas
  4. Cook and invent new recipes
  5. Finish reading all books in my collection
  6. Do science project / experiment with my daughter
  7. Gardening
  8. Adopt a cat and build DIY home for it
  9. Build toys using recycle materials
  10. Scrapbook my past & my future
  11. Traveling
   I miss traveling so much. Hope to continue it soon πŸ™†

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

That Aunty Call Me Supermom

Just a story for sharing 😊 For your knowledge, my daily routine every end of business hour are like: walking fast from office to Ampang Park to get on the earliest Putra LRT to Sri Rampai Station, then grab an Uber or usual cab to fetch Aafreen at babysitters', and lastly headed home safely. At most evening my button 'rushing mode' switching on because I must not be late to fetch Aafreen by 6.30pm. I need to respect the babysitter's private hours starts 6.30pm onwards.

On one day in last April, I need to walk in to Shaklee branch at Sri Rampai due to insufficient quantity of twinpack Vivix to order online. So my button trigger 'plus plus rushing mode' on because Aafreen's before 6.30pm and Shaklee before 7.00pm..(why..why..oohh..why..) However, I'm very determined that all things surely can be done on time πŸ‘€

Upon reaching Sri Rampai station, I have already done booking an Uber to accomplish my missions that day. Luckily with Allah bless, my Uber driver was a Chinese Aunty driving Myvi. She was too kind to help sending me to all the places before heading home. She also willing to switch off temporarily her Uber Apps so that non of new trips were sending to her phone while her with me. We were having quite lengthy and meaningful conversation during the trip. That aunty being asking details of what I did for living, where is my origin, where did my husband works, how many part time jobs I grabbed and so on. Throughout the conversation, I have a feeling that she was motherly type of aunty 😍

Aafreen was freaking loud and too friendly while we were at Shaklee branch. She was offering everybody her bread (the one that she have eaten half-way 😏). Memang makin galak lah Aafreen when everybody layan her πŸ˜†. After settling my business there which took about 20-25 minutes due to ramai orang (pity that aunty who have to wait for me 😑), I was ready to heading home. That aunty still keep on smiling and sambung sembang. What surprising me was, she asked me, "How did you do all these..yes..I mean working full-time at office - part time jobs some more - Shakleeing - take care of your own daughter during nights & over the weekend without a helper?" She adding more, "You are such supermom".

I had a long smile towards her before answer it confidently, "Determination + vitamin aunty!!" My life had forced me to do many jobs at a time, so without any option I had to do it. And yes, I'm wearing cap of a full-time employee (during weekdays), a part-time worker (during night/over weekend), a wife who do the house chores myself (cook everyday, maintain house in order etc.), a mother (entertain the most clingy daughter ever) and a Muslim (who cannot neglect chore worships towards our God). I know there are people who teasing me like "You boleh lah.. muda lagi.. banyak tenaga lagi..". What they didn't know is that I force myself to get enough supply from supplements to help my energy everlasting. That is why I call Shaklee as my number 1 helper aunty!! 😊😎

My turnover point is when I often sick and had to undergo few operations years back. For me, health is a blessing from our God so we need to cherish it while we have it. Once we got sick, it will cost us a lifetime $$KachingGgg$$, boredom and sadness. Since I notice that not all vitamins be in my day-to-day meals, I choose Shaklee supplements as substitutes. After breakfast, normally I had 1 tablet of B-complex + 1 tablet of Vita-lea + 1 tablet of Vita-c Plus to stay energetic for the whole day. And before doze off, I had 2-4 tablets of Ostematrix. This is the most basic health set that I took as my helper everyday ❤

I took B-complex to gain energy, thinking capacity and also to reduce daily stress level. Vita-lea is also for energy booster because it consists of 28 essential vitamins and critical minerals for us as an adult. And Vita-c Plus for immune system, skin, eye also collagen provider.

Ostematrix widely known as calcium pill. So I took Ostematrix before go to bed because it is the best time (sleep time) when body absorbing calcium to body. I notice that waking up in the next morning will be a refreshing moment for me. No more back pain or any muscle pain.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Right Brain Stimulation for Kids

I have read an article regarding right brain stimulation for kids very recent. In that article, the expert advice to start giving stimulation to baby as early as 6 months. For your info, right brain is actually working more effective than the left brain with proper guidance and training. The expert give a picture whereby the kid's brain age 6 years below is like a sponge. Their brain able to adapt and absorb all type of stimulation easily during this age. In addition, the expert said that all kind of activities involving the finger's movement are best to stimulate kid's right brain. The activities for example:
  1. Playing / sculpting the clay / plasticine into easy shape of something. It can be a cat / fish / flower / house etc.
  2. Origami / folding papers into a shape of something. The easy one and we usually learn since primary school must be airplane also boat. Any type of papers can be used for this activity.
  3. Cutting papers / other materials. The example is like cutting shape of a house from old magazines / newspapers and then do collage. The activity will stimulate kid's right brain while they are cutting straight lines / curvy lines / edges / circles etc.
  4. Insert beads into thread / ribbon. Tried this to Aafreen 😊.  First, she was little angry when tried hard to do like what mommy shown but failed. Then Mr. Z continue to show her few more times and step-by-step in doing it right. After several attempts, Aafreen manage to do it right, exactly same steps like daddy shown. Bravo Aafreen! She did show her enthusiasm for the first 20 minutes before start to get bored and put the beads into her mouth πŸ˜„ Then she starts to play with gunting 😁 Boredom melanda + focus ke laut dah.. But I can affirm the article was correct about the brain of 6 years old kids like a sponge. Aafreen absorbs quick, learn quick & deliver right after πŸ‘Ά
  5. Drawing / coloring activity. Parent can try to draw half-shape of flower and ask their kid to continue the other half. This activity leads the kid to think the correct final images in mind before pouring it onto the drawings.
  6. Storytelling. Kids will use their imagination to create a complete short story. Parent also can try to create half-way story before ask their kid to continue create their own finishing.
  7. Riddles. Parent can put an object into a blindbox..kotak tisu pun ok 😌..and let the kid guess what is inside. Ask the kid to guess what it is, the color, the shape etc.
  8. Flash cards. The faster the cards moving, the faster kid's right brain work to capture and remember what been shown.
    Estimation for all activities to be done: 30 minutes each. Indirectly, these activities not only stimulating our kids right brain but also create a strong yet quality bonding times between mom, dad & kid.

    Common among us, the best supplement for kid's brain development is omega. Most formula milk in the market nowadays include omega as one of ingredients to cater kid's need. Aafreen somehow love Omega Guard Shaklee. She can chew the capsule while playing / busy with her whatever business. Instead of giving good food to her brain, it also helps much in preventing her from flu.

    Cry heavily when mom refuse to give her more. She wants more than 1 capsule 😏
    Aafreen + Omega Guard berpisah tiada

    Lega lepas bergelut dengan mom πŸ‘€

    Shaklee yours: NaNa
    SID No: 1118418
    Call/sms/whatsapp: 012-9613453

    Thursday, March 16, 2017

    ViViX vs Cyst

    Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I was gone for a while with no specific reasons πŸ˜‰ How are you guys doing? Health? Hopefully everything is in order & in placed.

    To those who didn't know, I'm actually a Shaklee user for few years now 😍 As far as I remembered, the person who has been responsible to introduce me with Shaklee is my friend, Masitah (my former teammate/classmate during master). She also recruited me as her anak manakan in Shaklee since then. Because I keep on buying-using-buying again-continue using again-again-and again-and again again... 😎 So in order to be practical, she offered me to be Shaklee member right away. This way, I can buy those products as member's price and win some cashback at the end of month. Jimat + berbaloi!!

    Last time, back in middle of year 2014 I was eager to get pregnant after being married almost 2 years. Myself thinking that it was quite some times that we waited for little one to come along. So I need to work on something. So I have decided to consult Masitah on that matter. To add the story long, in that 2 years I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst & undergone surgery for 2 times. As for the record, KPJ's specialist who treated my case said that ovarian cyst somehow will interrupt our usaha to get a child. Cyst ni jahat said the doctor. Kerjanya mengacau je πŸ˜–

    Sedikit tentang Ovarian Cyst: For a normal woman, ovary organ will produce some sort like a bubble which known as ovarian follicle each time during menstruation. Inside the follicle contain ovum (benih wanita). After the ovum being discharged, usually the follicle will immediately shrink and dissapear. However, in certain cases, the follicle didn't shrink and memerangkap pula benda-benda kotor / sperma yg dilepaskan ke dalam badan wanita / saki baki folikel rambut etc. And it grows back to the size of more than 2cm. This is what we call Ovarian Cyst. So if the cyst eating all the sperms, how can ovum meet them in person right? ahakss πŸ˜‚

     Lebih kurang macam ni rupa cyst tu.. 😷

    From there, Masitah suggesting me to try on Vivix Shaklee. The most raja vitamin of all in Shaklee product line. The mahal one. Haha.. ternganga I sekejap when she told me the price. So after done considering: 1) don't want more surgeries for ovarian cyst 2) don't want to proceed fertilization package with KPJ's specialist (sebab ridiculous. Belum setuju apa-apa lagi terus prescribe me with Clomid. Eh eh eh.. too fast too serious doctor ni..) 3) want to get pregnant naturally tanpa ubat **Shaklee is vitamin/supplment ok. Bukan ubat untuk merawat πŸ˜ƒ

    So there it is, I bought twin-pack of Vivix and consumed it about 2 months++ untuk repair semua sistem dalaman. Then I proceed with set pre-natal untuk membaiki hormon & tenaga lengkap. At the same time, Mr. Z also being forced to consume Vita-E Complex + ESP. Haha.. πŸ˜‰ Dengan izin Allah s.w.t. I got pregnant for the first time after 3/4 months consistently consume. Ditambah pula I also went to gym and have personal training sessions in order to get fit physically. Unfortunately, I had miscarriage and grrrrrrr it was so so painful experience. Sakitnya keguguran hanya Allah know best. I back-up again.. continue eating the set pre-natal (Vita C Plus, Ostematrix, B-Complex, Vita-lea and ESP) and workout. Then somewhere in November 2014, I was again disahkan pregnant. Alhamdulillah.. I delivered Aafreen on July 8th, 2015. I continue my Shaklee vitamins during the pregnancy then confinement until now.

    Therefore, to ladies outside there who suffer from cyst (any kind of it) and still got problem to conceive, I highly recommend you to try ViViX and Shaklee pre-natal set. You might also suffer from no serious illness but years of waiting to have little one.. you also should consume Shaklee as ikhtiar. Also if your husband who have fertility problems.. can try these out too. We never know unless we have tried. Rezeki coming from Allah, only he know the best time for us to conceive.

    I will share you so-called kepuashatian this fella in using Vivix against Cyst.

    Here are some of kebaikan Vivix Shaklee:
    • Menggalakkan penuaan yang sihat - awet muda & anti-penuaan
    • Membantu mengelakkan risiko kanser - merencat sel kanser dari menjadi semakin serius
    • Mengurangkan risiko penyakit jantung - melindungi jantung
    • Mengurangkan komplikasi disebabkan diabetes / kencing manis
    • Meningkatkan kesihatan arthritis & menyokong kesihatan sendi - melindungi saraf
    • Mengurangkan insiden penyakit nyanyuk - merawat alzhameir
    • Membantu merawat penyakit parkinson
    • Membantu memulihkan penyakit strok - angin ahmar
    • Meningkatkan kesihatan imun badan
    • Menggalakkan kesihatan menyeluruh

    Shaklee yours: NaNa
    SID No: 1118418
    Call/sms/whatsapp: 012-9613453

    Thursday, November 24, 2016

    Owl for Goody Bag

    This my previous project as for goody on an event. Open for order...

    An owl can fit 6-7 pcs of Cadbury Choclairs.

    Any customization (theme / color / content /  price etc.) can be discussed further on.

    Contact me at / 012-961 3453 (WhatsApp)

    Monday, November 21, 2016

    She's Growing Up

    There is a quote: "A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart..."

    And here she is..growing up..

    Sometimes you did test our patience, but most of the time you are such loveable little monster πŸ‘―

    You are so brave compared to mom. You fear no heights.

    You sit whenever I sit. You follow almost everything that I'm doing.

    Mek Bunga... You love cats, birds & flowers.

    You do some poses to camera.

    Sometimes you pose STUNNing. But you forgot to take the bib off πŸ˜„

     You also do pretty poses πŸ’•

    Now you love drawing. 

    And books.

    Also shower time 😍

    You love all sort of bags. Handbags, paper bags also plastic bags 😏

    You love food that come with the plastic wrap 😫

    You always raise up your hand to affirm the answer "Who is cute girl?" πŸ˜‰

    One thing that still remain slowly growing up til now... your HAIR πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά When do you think is it going to grow longer baby?? LoL 😘

    I wish you all the happiness in the world and hereafter. I love you for you. Please be healthy and don't forget to love your parent back πŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’

    Wednesday, August 17, 2016


    Assalamualaikum w.b.t & hello all...

    I am a self taught beader. I have a huge passion in beading however due to time consuming, it took lot of effort to do so. You know... juggling myself with office work, house work and babysitting Aafreen... they seem like too many things to do at one time... so beading work can wait...

    Few days back, I wanted to spice up Aafreen's plain black kurung for this upcoming wedding event. So I took out old-kept beads to do so and I learned using trial and error. Then I got some beads on dress images and reading materials online for my own reference. So hereby I would like to share with you guys the outcome of my latest project on beading.

    Since Aafreen still loves to bite here and there, also put almost everything she found into her mouth, I have decided to only focus beading on neck-round and minimal design on the kurung itself.

    It took me 2 days to complete this project.

    I was thinking to do some side-jobs with this beading activity. So to those who would like to place an order, do let me know ( or just leave your contact info in comment space here. I will keep in touch with you soon. The price can be negotiated since I'm only a self taught beader :-)

    What you doin' mummy? :-P