Thursday, March 16, 2017

ViViX vs Cyst

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I was gone for a while with no specific reasons 😉 How are you guys doing? Health? Hopefully everything is in order & in placed.

To those who didn't know, I'm actually a Shaklee user for few years now 😍 As far as I remembered, the person who has been responsible to introduce me with Shaklee is my friend, Masitah (my former teammate/classmate during master). She also recruited me as her anak manakan in Shaklee since then. Because I keep on buying-using-buying again-continue using again-again-and again-and again again... 😎 So in order to be practical, she offered me to be Shaklee member right away. This way, I can buy those products as member's price and win some cashback at the end of month. Jimat + berbaloi!!

Last time, back in middle of year 2014 I was eager to get pregnant after being married almost 2 years. Myself thinking that it was quite some times that we waited for little one to come along. So I need to work on something. So I have decided to consult Masitah on that matter. To add the story long, in that 2 years I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst & undergone surgery for 2 times. As for the record, KPJ's specialist who treated my case said that ovarian cyst somehow will interrupt our usaha to get a child. Cyst ni jahat said the doctor. Kerjanya mengacau je 😖

Sedikit tentang Ovarian Cyst: For a normal woman, ovary organ will produce some sort like a bubble which known as ovarian follicle each time during menstruation. Inside the follicle contain ovum (benih wanita). After the ovum being discharged, usually the follicle will immediately shrink and dissapear. However, in certain cases, the follicle didn't shrink and memerangkap pula benda-benda kotor / sperma yg dilepaskan ke dalam badan wanita / saki baki folikel rambut etc. And it grows back to the size of more than 2cm. This is what we call Ovarian Cyst. So if the cyst eating all the sperms, how can ovum meet them in person right? ahakss 😂

 Lebih kurang macam ni rupa cyst tu.. 😷

From there, Masitah suggesting me to try on Vivix Shaklee. The most raja vitamin of all in Shaklee product line. The mahal one. Haha.. ternganga I sekejap when she told me the price. So after done considering: 1) don't want more surgeries for ovarian cyst 2) don't want to proceed fertilization package with KPJ's specialist (sebab ridiculous. Belum setuju apa-apa lagi terus prescribe me with Clomid. Eh eh eh.. too fast too serious doctor ni..) 3) want to get pregnant naturally tanpa ubat **Shaklee is vitamin/supplment ok. Bukan ubat untuk merawat 😃

So there it is, I bought twin-pack of Vivix and consumed it about 2 months++ untuk repair semua sistem dalaman. Then I proceed with set pre-natal untuk membaiki hormon & tenaga lengkap. At the same time, Mr. Z also being forced to consume Vita-E Complex + ESP. Haha.. 😉 Dengan izin Allah s.w.t. I got pregnant for the first time after 3/4 months consistently consume. Ditambah pula I also went to gym and have personal training sessions in order to get fit physically. Unfortunately, I had miscarriage and grrrrrrr it was so so painful experience. Sakitnya keguguran hanya Allah know best. I back-up again.. continue eating the set pre-natal (Vita C Plus, Ostematrix, B-Complex, Vita-lea and ESP) and workout. Then somewhere in November 2014, I was again disahkan pregnant. Alhamdulillah.. I delivered Aafreen on July 8th, 2015. I continue my Shaklee vitamins during the pregnancy then confinement until now.

Therefore, to ladies outside there who suffer from cyst (any kind of it) and still got problem to conceive, I highly recommend you to try ViViX and Shaklee pre-natal set. You might also suffer from no serious illness but years of waiting to have little one.. you also should consume Shaklee as ikhtiar. Also if your husband who have fertility problems.. can try these out too. We never know unless we have tried. Rezeki coming from Allah, only he know the best time for us to conceive.

I will share you so-called kepuashatian this fella in using Vivix against Cyst.

Here are some of kebaikan Vivix Shaklee:
  • Menggalakkan penuaan yang sihat - awet muda & anti-penuaan
  • Membantu mengelakkan risiko kanser - merencat sel kanser dari menjadi semakin serius
  • Mengurangkan risiko penyakit jantung - melindungi jantung
  • Mengurangkan komplikasi disebabkan diabetes / kencing manis
  • Meningkatkan kesihatan arthritis & menyokong kesihatan sendi - melindungi saraf
  • Mengurangkan insiden penyakit nyanyuk - merawat alzhameir
  • Membantu merawat penyakit parkinson
  • Membantu memulihkan penyakit strok - angin ahmar
  • Meningkatkan kesihatan imun badan
  • Menggalakkan kesihatan menyeluruh

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