Wednesday, March 30, 2016


In a blink it is already Wednesday, middle of the week. Meaning that two more days to go before we saying hello to weekend. Last night, Aafreen didn't want to go to bed early... So this is what happen when she disturbed mummy folding cloths...

Can you see me??

First two teeth of me...

Nice sock isn't it? :-)

An attempt to stand up...

FYI, Aafreen is still breastfeeding (by bottle at babysitters' and direct breastfeed during night). I do admit that sometimes I've encountered hard times to stock up breast milk for her at babysitters'. Yesterday, I've decided to try another tip to enrich my breast milk by drinking dried longan + rock sugar (gula batu). For mommies out there who want to give a shot, please do so. Who might know, this tip suits you better. Good luck.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
It’s been 3 years ++ since my last writing on this blog. Hahaha… What a *@#$%^&~ - no words-. Now, I’m pushing myself hard to start writing back and hope it last little longer than before or maybe permanently make this corner as a lovelifediary. Dongibab kipidap!! Huhuhu…

So many bittersweet things happen in this past few years which I can’t sum it up as short one :-) Maybe from time to time, I will flash back all those stories little by little in next posts. Hopefully…

Just to update those who reading my scribbles/gibberish here, I have already being a mother of 8 months old daughter. I gave birth on July 8th, 2015 to a strong babygurl which named as Aafreen. True, it was during fasting month last year. I was adviced to deliver the baby earlier than EDD since Aafreen’s growth graph at week 37-38 seen stagnant. For your record, I was still fasting a day before, on the 7th, during my admission to the ward (proud of myself. pirrahhh haha...). 

So, the doctor induced me around 6am on the 8th and my contraction starts an hour later. The pain was ongoing, from slow to harder, and the contractions keep killing me. Though in pain, I managed to finish my breakfast and lunch hehehe… After had my lunch, the doctor checked the dilation and it had opened up to 5cm. So I was pushed to the labor room. Before continue with the first push, I told doctor that actually I want to poop. So the doctor asked me to do so. I did poop on bed. Haha… What an experience…

I gave my best 1st push once during the contraction. I stopped suddenly just because I realized that my husband wasn’t there yet. So I shouted the nurse “Suami saya.. suami saya..” She ran for my husband to come inside the labor as fast as possible. Seeing my husband entered the room, I quickly give my best 2nd push and POOOPPP, sound of Aafreen got out already. Sharp at 3.11pm I gave birth to Aafreen. My husband had the moment to see how Aafreen got out. Allahuakbar…Merciful Allah… It was short & sweet memories as far as I remembered. Alhamdulillah… I didn’t spend so many hours fighting against contractions inside the labor room. Her weight was 2.41kg during birth. Slimshaddy :-)

Btw, Aafreen means brave/acclaim/trustworthy. Such a wonderful meaning and that’s why I’ve chosen it for her.
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