Thursday, July 21, 2016

Never too late for Eid 2016

Assalamualaikum everyone.. Sorry it took me quite some time to update this blog. Not really realizing what have been kept me too busy from writing a post. So how is your Eid celebration & holiday? Fun + great?

Talking about Eid 2016, our family had a quick one too. Z and I only applied for 2 days leave. 1 day before Eid (Tuesday) and another day after Eid (Friday). Short & sweet holiday :-P

We finished packing for balik raya at very last minute since both of us were busy in previous days. Myself didn't sleep overnight to make sure everything in place before leaving for holiday also giving a chance for Z to have a short nap before start driving our journey. We started our journey balik kampung (Terengganu) on Tuesday morning after everything in order. Z drove slow & steady. We need not to rush for anything ahead. Our main target is to arrive kampung right before buka puasa. So that, our last buka puasa will be surrounded with family members in Terengganu.

We took Karak Highway then LPT as main routes to reach Terengganu. And actually quite surprised because the traffic was so clear. Not so many cars on road & RnR. Maybe at that time, people already reached their kampung because they took advance leaves.

There were times where I incidentally slept because got some sort like headache and rasa nak demam due to staying up overnight packing stuffs. But not saying just me who incidentally slept, Z was too :-D Soooo not gooooD.. He said because the jalan was so lengang & hot sunny outside made him barely open his eyes.. Sleepyhead ~

After bout 5-6 hours drove, we finally reach Mak's house. Huhs~ We manage to buka puasa with everybody. HooRreyyY!! Last day of buka puasa in Terengganu...

The next day, only Z went to Solat Aidilfitri with others. Me & Aafreen stay at home and get dressed. I did dress Aafreen up with this turqoise baju kurung + headband. She looks very sopan like in the picture. Cewahhhh....

Aafreen and cousin, Kakak Ayraa

But not until both start sweating and playing around. Haa..I saw your pampers la Aafreen :-P Kakak Ayraa, where is your tudung?..

Aafreen is teaching Kakak Ayraa how the toys working :-D

The best full picture of ours on the 1st day of Raya. Blurrrr...

We did the routine like salam-salam everybody, give and receive duit raya with niece/nephews. Then we ate some foods on the table (nasi minyak, nasi dagang, ketupat palas, rendang daging, rendang ayam kampung etc.) and save some spaces for other foods coming in during our visit to relatives', neighbours' and friends'. We had spent 1st day Raya visiting others' houses.

On the 2nd day, we got up & prepare to go to my eldest brother's house. He did some sort like open house for families & close friends. There..more foods went down our stomachs..full full full.. Z for the first time saw a Terengganuian eating laksa with bare hand/fingers there. He was like so donotknowwhattosay after that. I'm also a Terengganuian but not too expert in coordinating my fingers chopping laksa and go straight into my mouth. Hahaha... :-D On the other hand, Aafreen seems happy playing with her cousins and friends.

Aafreen's outfit for 2nd day of Raya

Us on 2nd day of Raya

The 3rd day of Raya was the day we have been waiting for, Aafreen's 1st birthday celebration. It was July 8th, 2016, a year after I gave birth to Aafreen the cheeky princess. We woke up early for birthday cake's hunting at whichever bakery that opens in Kuala Terengganu's town. Finally, we bought delicious & quite pretty cake for Aafreen. We put on some remarks saying Happy 1st Birthday Aafreen on her cake. The guests start coming at 3.30pm. And we didn't wait too long to start cake's cutting session. Z lights up the candle for Aafreen and she was so impressed by that. She didn't even care when everybody singing a birthday song to her because was too attracted to the lighten candle :-D. The menu for the day are laksa penang + pulut kuning with rendang + desserts (kuih/ice cream/fruits/birthday cake). Some photos of Aafreen on her very 1st birthday.

If you may notice, my Mummy didn't manage to find a new pink skirt that match this romper.. Hahaha...

Happy birthday dear daughter. You have grown so much since the day I first held you swinging in my arms. Your first birthday overwhelms me and daddy. I wish you a fabulous life ahead. May you be among the blessings people and stay as true believer hereafter. Mummy & daddy love u big time. Ameen Ya Rabb...

The 4th day of Raya, we switched our plan. Instead of heading back to KL directly, we make a pit stop at Seremban to salam raya with PIL. We started our journey after lunch time and reached Seremban at night. Next day, MIL cooked 1st Raya menu again since all my siblings in law were there. The gathering was unplanned because everybody is actually celebrating Raya at in laws first then only headed back to Seremban. However this year, Alhamdulillah we manage to meet everyone in Terengganu and Seremban luckily. That is why our Raya this time be a short & sweet experience.

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